Sunday, March 15, 2009

I feed fishes with my family!!

It's George's Convo today at Wisma MCA, Jalan Ampang. I was forced to wake up at 8am on a lovely Sunday morning to navigate my dad the right way to the venue.... For the first time, I finally know a little about KL roads.... hehe... Not bad eh..?

So, convo... A super bored ceremony...! Seeing people walking up to the stage one by one.. just to 1) Shake hand; 2) Get the cert.; 3) Look at the camera; 4) Smile and that's it..

Anyway, I did took quite a number of pictures tho... :

Bro George & me :)

Not the entire family tho, lack of one....


After the bored ceremony, I brought my whole family to Kenko @ Pavillion and I forced the whole family to feed the fishes with our own feet.. heh..

Having fun right? What a merorable day...!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

The timing is just wrong!

Wife is watching TV at home, happily.... Waiting for her husband to come home.
(Someone opens the door.....)

Husband: I am home. Wow... The PC Fair was so crowded!

Wife: So, what have you bought?

H: Nothing.. I was just checking the netbook out.. It's 150USD....!!

W: 150?! Why do you need it? You have your own laptop, right? You are using it for work and you are also using it when you are at home. How often do you use a netbook then?

H: Aww....It's just something cool to have.

W: But the economy is bad. Why waste money for something when you know you are not needing it?

H: The economy is bad because everyone is not spending. We have to spend more to keep the market moving! I am playing my part!

W: With you alone? How much can you spent? Spending money for something unnecessary and is that going to help? Dear, I am not getting any increment this year... We need to watch out our expenses.

Husband, taking off his cloth... and the wife opens the tap to fill the bath tub. While doing that, the wife says 'Well, it's your money. You earn it and you have your right to spend it your way. But, I would like you to think twice with the economy now.'

Ignoring the wife, the husband says 'Hey, have you heard of a story?'

W: Alright... I know, I am not in any position to question you. It's you money, you earn it, and you spend it!

Husband telling the story...

'There was a guy at the seaside, picking up sea shells and throwing it back at the sea... There were millions of sea shells around and he is picking up one by one and throwing it back at the sea.... Then came a man, he asked 'How can you possibily be throwing millions of sea shells back into the sea?' Then the guy walked to the man, and stuff a sea shell into the man's ass hole and said 'FUCK OFF and MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!'

H: The moral of the story is... Always remember to cover you ass wherever you go!!! hahahahahaha.......

And the husband laughs and laughs and laughs.... Not knowing that his wife's face has turned from red to purple....

H: Isn't it funny.. haha ha..... Isn't it interesting?... hahaha.....haha....... haha.....!

W: Why are you so rude to me? Why say dirty words to me? I said it's your money and I don't care how you spend, didn't I? I am just giving you advise....

The wife cried 'If you want me to mind my own business, just say so... You don't need to tell the whole story to bring the message to me!'

Husband panicing....

H: I am sorry... The story has nothing to do with the netbook. It was just a joke that I wanted to share... Please, don't be mad... please...

W: Get away from me! Well, I won't mind your business starting now and I don't need you to MIND MY BUSINESS either!

H: But I know you care.. you care about me... Right?

W: Yes, I do. I do care about you. But that was before all these.... Now, I am afraid! I am afraid to care about you! I don't know when will you tell me another story like this to remind me to MIND MY OWN BUSINESS again!

H: Awww.. I am sorry... I didn't mean that.... I was just trying to change the topic earlier.... I wanted to tell you something funny.. To tell you a joke...

W: To tell me a joke?! Is that funny to you? What is so funny about? To give me a hidden message that I need to just fuck off and mind my own business?!!

W: I am sorry! I knew that you are just trying to cheer me up, to bring me some fun and didn't meant to hurt me. However, doing the right thing at a wrong timing, wrong situation, wrong place is just wrong!! There was nothing wrong with the joke, the one thing that went wrong just now was YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE ENJOYING IT just now! And you said it is funny to me? I do think you are trying to make fun of me!!

** END **

Well, there is no right or wrong in the story.

The man is not wrong. He is just being nice to his wife. He loves her, he wants her to be happy, he wants to cheer her up and wants her to be marry. He is merely telling a joke, hoping to make her laugh.

The wife is not wrong either. She loves him. She understands him, she knows him, and she is taking care of him and the family. She is merely voicing out her opinion. And becasue she knows her husband, she immediately let him be that way he wants.

So, what's wrong then? The TIME!

If only he could tell the joke at a different timing. Say, if he went on to take his bath and while he walked out from the bath room, he tell that joke... The wife could have enjoy it.... Right?

What do you think?

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Just got another new baby....

Oh my... should I be the one crying.. or the baby?? :s

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

0.5 day

Hah..... I have 6.5 days to clear before 31 March....??

Yeah...... Let's see....

28, 29 and 30 Jan for CNY... definately!!

Em...... 13 & 16 Feb to visit S'pore... Can I??

Valentine's Day ma.... Lemme go la.......

Ok... another 1.5 days to go.......

K, going S'pore again on the 6 March.... (or you guys have better idea??)

Lastly... what am I going to do with the other 0.5 day???


Oh.... I am a mother?

My is not 'borning' in June now.....Well, it was planned to be born, but now... it has been postponed to 2010.....

I wonder is that a good or bad thing - probably both.....

- Presentation has been postponed as well
- More time to work on it
- Can spare more time on my current babies...i.e.,, and my god baby - (zoe, pinjam your baby here ya...)

- I just finished the brainstorm for (what's the point?!!)
- Out of sudden, I was given another 'coming soon' baby -
- There goes my CNY, probably have to think of work on my 'balik-kampung' journey
(good chance to do brainstorm, cuz meeting a lot of ppl)

Anymore babies coming along....?? Kill me pls....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Starting 2009

Well, guess wat... I tot no one will actually read my blog and therefore I stopped writing for a while... Who knows?? Like that also kena scold... but not bad la... at lease it shows that I actually have some supporters.... hehe.... (berlagak...)

K, this is a brand new year... So first of all.. Happy New Year to all of you..... May all OUR wishes come true... (Zoe! Your new year 'feng shui' prediction thingy... bad thing.... :( I don't like it..... Sure fake one.... :P) It's definately going to be a good and prosperous year!!!!

So so..... Do I have any new year resolution....???? (Do I need one?? ) Well, I did thought of some....
- I wanna lose weight la... (forever la this one)
- I wanna make more $$ la... ($$ is important lo... in fact, wanna lose weight oso need $$ nowadays..LOL!!)
- I wanna look good la.... (maybe I should invest in some make-ups.... $$ again.. sigh...)
- I wanna grow up... Yea.. I mean...Mentally... not physically.....
- I wanna spend more time blogging la... (right, Nahri?)
- I wanna go Thailand for holiday.... (budget trip la... I haven't been there yet....)
and many many more......

More like wishes than resolutions right....?? I wonder...........................................................?????

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Late Birthday Post.... heh..

Heh.. This should be up months ago.... but hehe.....Lazy ler..... Post now oso can ler....

8 August 2008

A simple yet warm-hearted birthday party organised by a bunch of friends at Nahri's place.... I was so touch.....!!! Thanks friends....

It was also Olympic's Opening that night.... I was asked to be at the place no matter what... Reason?


Well, I am not that stupid... hehe.... As expected, they planned to celebrate my birthday there... But what suprised my was.... my "cake"....

"Tada.... Happy Birthday Iris... We bought you ice-cream cake....."

"Err.......A tub of Conetto ice-cream?"

"Yea... Come on, just blow the candle... it's melting...! "

That was an unforgetable one..... :)

9 August 08

Another celebration at home together with my sisters... (All our birthdays are in August)

We had Mango Delight from Secret Recipe... Thanks dear.... :)

Though it was just a simple celebration.... But as long as the whole family can stay together.... It's already the best gift for me.....